About Us

What Is Stagtis?

Stagtis is a new start-up seasonal store dedicated to bringing you products that enhance each season and time of year. The goal of these products is to ease the challenging times and enhance the good times.

We deeply study the needs of each season to offer you the perfect seasonal solutions right when you need them. Ultimately, Sagtis is the belief that life is beautiful and that you deserve to enjoy every second of it.

Spring Collection

Our History

Stagtis was launched on 11/13/23 after intensive development since August 2023.

We noticed a gap in quality seasonal stores and decided to see if we could make a change to the market. An early version of a website was designed with the objective of facilitating a variety of products through seasonal collections. Recently our focus has been to further improve the user experience at Stagtis by polishing our website, adding a spring products and working on a future summer collection.

Summer collection coming soon...

Our Features

Lately, we've made steps towards sustainability. We implemented free, store-wide, carbon neutral shipping and the planting of 1 tree for every order. We understand how pressing environmental matters currently are and want Stagtis to be a store that accounts for that.

We wholeheartedly aim to give you a fair experience at Stagtis. We frequently hold store-wide sales and feature an easy, 14 day after delivery, return policy, so that our products stay affordable and safe to purchase.

Fall Collection

Our Message To You

Words cant explain how much we value your visit here! Thank you so much for considering us and we really hope you feel the positive atmosphere we are trying to bring you.

We believe you can find happiness in change rather than fear, and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to bring that to you.

Sincerely, the Stagtis team

Winter Collection

Never forget...

Tough times are sometimes unavoidable, but we know you can make it through them stronger than you entered them. You are always welcome here at Stagtis!